The Dumb Story You Dont Want to Know LOL

The History Behind Our Writing Chefs and Becoming a Powerhouse of Content Creation.

Every one of us started their career journey as freelancers. We came together under one umbrella (It wasn’t raining though), naming it Content Cookhouse with a wild desire to create remarkable content for businesses struggling to excel, and we are very much doing it every day and night.

Why do we do it? Because we love the satisfaction from meeting (but mostly exceeding) our client’s expectations when we cook up amazing, stupefying, astonishing, killer content. Yup. We know how to use big words.

Another thing we know is what we’ve learned from our clients – consistency in keeping up with one extraordinary content after another can be challenging. And in today’s world, consistency is key.

We also know that having to keep up with all the latest SEO updates is crucial in staying ahead of the competition, and in page one of your customer’s search engine results.

Content Cookhouse is a team of experienced Elite Writers, SEO Experts, Researchers, Content Managers to consistently serve up fresh content for clients and with great turnaround time. No matter the topic, no matter the challenge.

And Now the Stupid Story

On a perfect, sunny day in May 2015, Mahfuz was doing his usual daydreaming when he had the idea to buy a large umbrella so he could start cooking up something big in the shed!!

Little did he know, this would be an epiphany that leads to even greater things (and has nothing to do with actual cooking).

Mahfuz loves cooking, but he also always had a passion for creating and cooking up great content. His vision was to come up with the perfect recipe for constantly creating great content for his clients.

Then it hit him – a content production line is like running a chef’s kitchen! Content managers receive the orders, assigning our writers, SEO experts, and researchers to cook it up, passing it on to editors for the garnish and final touches, and back to the content managers who will serve up the fresh copies.

That night, Mahfuz, with a twinkle in his eyes, called his Grandmother Lynn from Canada to share his daydream. His idea reminded her of her two students, Lynda and Ella, who were star writers. She called them up and to her delight, they were more than happy to be a part of Mahfuz’s great big idea!

Thus, Content Cookhouse was created. An umbrella of experienced writers, SEO professionals, researchers, and editors that share the same goal and passion as Mahfuz, to create killer content !

And that made it happen you to land on this website 🙂